What’s in your bag?

Like the scout motto – BE PREPARED, golfers are filling their golf bags with the essential accessories needed to be prepared in any situations.

Golfer accessories range from the essential to the excessive and everything in between, although it could be said that one golfers excesses is another’s essential.

Here is a list of some of the standard kit that all golfers should have in their golf bag.

  • Golf balls.  At least two sleeves of up to a dozen balls.
  • Tees.  You can never have too many tees in your bag.
  • Gloves.  Have one glove already in use, a new one as a back-up
  • Sunscreen.  Minimum SPF factor of 30.  Skin Cancer is becoming more and more prevalent and golfers are one of the leading candidates, also a sun hat is a must.
  • Ball marker.  There are an endless number of different ball markers and everyone has their favourites. Casino chips, coins, what is yours?
  • Divot repair tool.  EVERYONE should not only have a divot repair tool, but also know how to properly use it to repair greens
  • First aid kit.  Like every good scout a first aid kit is important for a golfer to be prepared. Band-aids for your blisters, and painkillers for headaches after a four over par on the 9th.
  • Food and water.  Keep hydrated and energized during your round. A bottle of water and snacks for nibbling on. Hold out for the delicious clubhouse pies and cold beer till after your round.
  • Spare clothes. As we know the weather can change at a moments notice, a raincoat or warm jacket
  • Towels.  A small one you can keep dry to wipe down grips, if needed.
  • Extra spikes and spike wrench.  Having a couple of spikes handy is always nice when you have a blow out.
  • Handicap card.  For keeping score so a small pencil is another item for your bag.
  • Rule book.  Just incase there is a discussion mid round!
  • Swiss army knife/Leatherman. Cause you just never know.

Another important trick to a successful golf bag is as well as having everything you need, is organizing things into appropriate pocket in your bag, so you can find it easily. You don’t want to have spare time digging into the depths of your bag to find your car keys at the end of a long and enjoyable afternoon spent on the greens. Golf bags can be like women’s handbags – Bottomless.

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