UV rays…Technological advances to assist ELC’s

There are a lot of theories being bandied about in regards to UV rays at the moment and how best to avoid them at critical times.  There has been an awesome development by Kiwi entrepreneurs Daniel Xu and Ming Cheuk, founders of innovation company Spark64.

They have developed the UVLens, a sensor that detects the UV risk in the atmosphere and then communicates this to a tablet.  They have put 100 of these sensors into Early Childhood centres throughout New Zealand to trial.

What this means is that throughout the course of the day each of these schools will be given alerts when the UV level becomes dangerous. In addition, educators will also be able to set smart sunscreen reminders for when to reapply sunscreen, and UVLens will only provide the reminder if the UVLens technology deems it necessary.

But a point we should not lose is this; Whether we are Educators or Parents- we also have our common sense.  We know and have learnt that between the hours of 10am – 3pm we need to ensure we are “screened” up, have hats on, long sleeves, ensure we rehydrate regularly and sit in the shade if we are outside enjoying the summer weather.

Kidsskin is bringing you a simple and very cheap (so cheap its free) way to trigger our thoughts to sun safety.  They are the Kidsskin UV Indicator bands.  The band starts out white when out of UV rays – and once UV rays strike the band it starts to change colour.  The more iridescent the blue the band goes the higher the UV rays are at that particular time.

unnamed 1 - UV rays...Technological advances to assist ELC'sunnamed 224x300 - UV rays...Technological advances to assist ELC's

As soon as you see the band changing – your thoughts go to all those lovely Sun safety questions:

  • Have I got sunscreen on?
  • Do I need to re apply sunscreen
  • Are the children in my care “screened” up
  • Should I actually be in direct sunlight? Or should I/We be seeking the shade?

The UVLens is a remarkable development.  Unfortunately it is not a cheap option for a Childcare Centre to have set up.  But maybe community fundraising is a good place to start.  After all we only want the best for our kids don’t we?