Surfing is for EVERYONE

How great was it to see last night a feature about the Halberg Trust and what it contributes towards sports for “disabled” New Zealanders.  Surfing was the feature on this occasion and to see the joy on kids faces as they touched the water, lay on a board, interacted with their “surf coach”, felt the board pick up under them on a small wave…. that is truly priceless and a memory that will live with those children for a very long time.

This summer Surf Schools all around New Zealand have been promoting “have a go” day for surfing and getting their instructors out amongst the kids giving everyone a go that’s keen – or not so keen…because by the time the “not so keen” kids have had a try they are stoked and planning when they can go out again!

As families of “kiwi kids” we may take it for-granted that we live so near a beach…lets make sure we are giving our kids all the opportunities that the ocean provides….surfing, b/boarding, body surfing, skim boarding, fishing, collecting mussels on low tide, digging for pipis and tuatuas with our toes,  sandcastle competitions, picnics with sandy sandwiches….the list goes on and on….

Summer amongst other things,  is about Happy Days at the beach…whether it be Ocean….

IMG 1591 - Surfing is for EVERYONE


or Lake….


.IMG 1614 - Surfing is for EVERYONE.IMG 1640 - Surfing is for EVERYONE


If we all get out amongst it – the joy of water will keep passing down through the ranks …. and the art of summer will never be lost.