Surfersskin 50g Anti Rash Cream



Surfing Hazard 101: Chaffing… everyone hates it…Surfersskin Anti Rash prevents it!

  • Calendula – natural healing agent.
  • White soft paraffin

Surfersskin Anti Rash with Calendula lubricates and heals chaffing that occurs under arms, around neck and inner thigh. The perfect pre-protection for avoiding those painful rashes – rashes that can potentially stop you from enjoying your next surf. Calendula offers a natural healing property that when anti rash is topically applied. It lubricates and instantly blocks skin on skin friction that causes unsightly chaffing.



Apply Surfersskin Anti Rash Cream generously to areas that are prone to chafe.
  • Calendula
  • White Soft Paraffin