Golfersskin – The Message is getting through!

It seems now that Golfers are finally getting the message about sunscreen and are actually SLIP SLOP SLAPPING it on before they head out for their round of Golf!  That is making us at Golfersskin HQ extremely happy.

Recently we have had 3 “small” coups with some big name players naming Golfersskin sunscreen as their product of choice to protect them out on the Golf Course.  It might not seem much to most people – but when you get the likes of Zach Johnson endorsing your product it really is like striking gold!

What is great about these endorsements is that they are honest, non scripted opinions of the individual players. You should check them out on our FB Page – GolfersskinNZ


Golfers skin 40ml tube sun block - Golfersskin - The Message is getting through!