Golf Course Food Etiquette

We all know that Golf Course Etiquette is strictly adhered to and be it on your own head if you don’t.  Which is fair enough.  Of course you shouldn’t stop for a quick fish, wear your cap backwards or caste your shadow over the hole if someone else is putting!

But lets not digress.  Each Golf Course also has a certain food etiquette than runs on pa with the type of course that is played.  From deep fried goodness…images - Golf Course Food Etiquette

to pan seared Tuna  with a sprinkling of micro greens and marigold petals,  raw tuna - Golf Course Food Etiquette

there is plenty of scope to gourmandize oneself after a particularly demanding round of golf.  The trick is to ensure that whatever you are eating you have decorum befitting the dish.  The approach of eating chip butties is slightly different to eating caviar on water crackers,  although, it might be quite funny to try the opposite approaches next time your are indulging after a round of golf.

Whatever courses you play on – supporting the “local kitchen” is important – just remember – hats OFF at the table and left hand pinky out whilst holding the glass.  After all – without etiquette – where would we be?