Does your golf club pro shop have Golfersskin?

Last week we wrote about New Zealand’s sunniest golf courses, which are always great places to play, but it also brings up an important issue.

New Zealand has the highest melanoma incidence rate in the world. Latest statistics show that around 2200 people are diagnosed with melanoma every year in New Zealand. That’s equivalent to six New Zealanders being diagnosed with melanoma every single day!

We are all at risk of developing skin cancer, regardless of skin type. Yet some of us are more at risk than others, this includes golfers. There are several reasons why golfers are especially at risk of developing skin cancer. Golf is typically played during the day when the UV levels are at their strongest and a typical 18 holes will mean about 4 hours in the sun. On an exceptionally social or busy day that time can increase substantially and will leave you outdoors being exposed to harmful UV rays for much longer. Most courses lack good shade, yep they are beautifully landscaped but inevitably they lack a lot of trees and foliage to provide shade. And if you’re like us you spend most of your time trying to avoid the trees.

Most golf clubs will have a decently good pro shop and more importantly great pies in the club house! But do they stock one of the most essential golfing accessories, sunscreen? Does your clubhouse stock Golfersskin Sunscreen? If not, why not? It’s in their best interest to make sure all their club members are protected and can keep on playing for years to come so hit them up and ask them to stock Golfersskin sunscreen and have it readily available for their golf course visitors.