Golfersskin – The Message is getting through!

It seems now that Golfers are finally getting the message about sunscreen and are actually SLIP SLOP SLAPPING it on before they head out for their round of Golf!  That is making us at Golfersskin HQ extremely happy. Recently we have had 3 “small” coups with some big name players naming Golfersskin sunscreen as their … Continued

Schools and Sunscreen – what’s your opinion?

Early childhood centres supply sunscreen to their students.  That’s fantastic!  Children are monitored and ensure that at least 2-3 times a day sunscreen is reapplied before children head outside for the many hands on activities that are provided.  Children at this age are even encouraged to take responsibility for putting their own sunscreen on – … Continued

Surfing is for EVERYONE

How great was it to see last night a feature about the Halberg Trust and what it contributes towards sports for “disabled” New Zealanders.  Surfing was the feature on this occasion and to see the joy on kids faces as they touched the water, lay on a board, interacted with their “surf coach”, felt the … Continued


Great White Sharks – a name that makes the heart beat a little faster – whenever you hear it mentioned.  And hasn’t it been mentioned a lot over the festive period of 2014/2015. Whether you are on the coast of Australia, New Zealand or South Africa – Shark appearances are becoming more and more common … Continued

To Helmet or not to Helmet? That is the question.

The topic of helmets has hit the Headlines– and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons recently. It is a contentious issue in most sporting codes – to wear a helmet or not to wear a helmet. Bikes, Skateboarding, Skiing, Snowboarding – and here in lies the dilemma – SURFING – you have an option not … Continued