Big Waves, Bigger Waves, Biggest Waves

The search is endless isn’t it. Who can get the biggest wave and where was that place again….?? New “secret spots” are popping up all over the place and in some very random places… Take North Korea for example. Who would have thought that around that area there could potentially be epic surf? Not too … Continued

Surfing is for EVERYONE

How great was it to see last night a feature about the Halberg Trust and what it contributes towards sports for “disabled” New Zealanders.  Surfing was the feature on this occasion and to see the joy on kids faces as they touched the water, lay on a board, interacted with their “surf coach”, felt the … Continued


Great White Sharks – a name that makes the heart beat a little faster – whenever you hear it mentioned.  And hasn’t it been mentioned a lot over the festive period of 2014/2015. Whether you are on the coast of Australia, New Zealand or South Africa – Shark appearances are becoming more and more common … Continued

To Helmet or not to Helmet? That is the question.

The topic of helmets has hit the Headlines– and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons recently. It is a contentious issue in most sporting codes – to wear a helmet or not to wear a helmet. Bikes, Skateboarding, Skiing, Snowboarding – and here in lies the dilemma – SURFING – you have an option not … Continued

New Zealand Tops the charts in Melanoma Rate

This makes for a bit of grim reading – but we all need wake up calls – and to be honest I think this has gone beyond a wake up call – its now the Alarm Clock! “Recent studies indicate that New Zealand has the highest incidence rates of melanoma in the world, twice the … Continued

Super Slow Mo Surfing

You’ve never seen a wave look so heavy as when it’s at 1000 frames per second. This stunning video puts a new perspective on the art and beauty of surfing