Big Waves, Bigger Waves, Biggest Waves

The search is endless isn’t it. Who can get the biggest wave and where was that place again….??

New “secret spots” are popping up all over the place and in some very random places… Take North Korea for example. Who would have thought that around that area there could potentially be epic surf? Not too sure if I’d be jumping on a plane though to go and check it out…the words dodgy and sketchy, spring very quickly to mind.  But nevertheless for those in search of “that one surf” that will be “all time” a ticket will be bought and a path will be mapped to some hopefully great waves.

The ultimate I reacon is to stay within our shores: pack a bag, your board, wetty and a tent and head off down the road.  We have plenty of outstanding surf breaks – that are popular and easy to get to and also those surf breaks that are not so popular as they are not quite so easy to access.  That’s what you hunt though isn’t it?  To surf where it looks as though no one has been for the last century…the harder the access the better the surf experience.  “That one surf” that will be “all time”  doesn’t just start from the paddle out – it starts with turning on your car.

Summer is just around the corner – might be time to dig out that map of NZ and start to live the dream… and the best thing about staying within our shores is that you have no passport to lose!

 IMG 1591 - Big Waves, Bigger Waves, Biggest Waves