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GOLFERSSKIN – most trusted sunscreen on the US PGA Tour

SkinAlive is a New Zealand owned and operated Sunscreen Company established in 2005 that develops, markets and distributes NZ MADE SUNSCREEN products.

SkinAlive’s stable of sunscreen brands include – SurfersskinGolfersskin, Kidsskin, Buildersskin, Farmersskin and Activesskin. These Brands have all been designed and formulated with specific sporting and outdoor environments in mind. Tested and proven here in extreme NZ conditions as well as abroad with our international athletes, SkinAlive products are of the highest quality and have achieved the AUS/NZ standard, COLIPA International Protocol Standard and the FDA Protocol Standard.

At SkinAlive we feel morally obligated to ensure people have access to quality sun protection when out in full view of the suns harmful rays. Here in NZ we now have the highest rate of skin cancer per capita in the world, which will come as a shock to many people. The team here at SkinAlive are driven to educate this generation and more to some of the dangers of over unprotected sun exposure, and how better to protect one’s self, friends and family.

As part of our commitment to serious sun protection we also offer sun safety advice right down to how to apply sunscreen correctly and how much product is required per application.

All SkinAlive products are proudly made right here in New Zealand and we have high profile New Zealand and International athletes actively using our products.

SkinAlive is a Member of The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association of New Zealand.

SkinAlive is endorsed by the International Melanoma Foundation.